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Warning Signs

It’s Time to have your dryer exaust system inspected and Clean:

The U.S. Fire administration recommends getting your vents cleaned at least once a year (or more often when needed) for proper maintenance and safety purposes. With this in mind, there are times where you may experience symptoms of clogged dryer vents. If you are currently experiencing any of the signs below, chances are you require a professional dryer cleaning before reusing your dryer.

Clothes take longer than normal to dry.

Clothes are unusually hot to the touch.

➤ The room is warmer than normal when the dryer is running.

➤ The lint flap isn't opening.

➤ The dryer code tells you there's is a venting problem.

➤ The dryer stops working mid cycle or before

lint sweepers might be useful whether your dryer poses a significant fire risk owing to clogging or duct design, or you simply want your clothing to dry more quickly and consume less energy. To arrange for dryer vent cleaning at your residence or place of business,

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